Nikki Read

BPHIL, PGCE PGCE, MEd Autism Practitioner

Nikki Read is a specialist in the support of neurodivergent children and adults, especially working as an Autism Practitioner to those on the autism spectrum along with their families and caregivers. With over 17 years experience, Nikki Read has been working with autistic individuals and the wider community to create empathetic, accepting and individualised environmental enhancements.

Nikki is observant and is experienced in preparing pre-diagnostic reports and writing and delivering training for educators, business and families. She has also facilitated parent education programmes for the NHS, the National Autistic society and local authorities. Her focus is to provide low-intensity support tailored to the individual, encompassing current research, best practice, and lived experience. She has completed a masters at the University of Birmingham, and is currently studying for a post graduate certificate in adult autism assessment through the New School of Psychotherapy & Counselling.

Nikki Read

As part of the clinical assessment team, Nikki co-delivers ADOS assessments and facilitates workshops to foster the holistic understanding of children, identify strengths, and empower families. The aim is to deepen understanding and allowing individuals to flourish.

Additionally, Nikki Read enjoys the lived experience of being a parent to young adults with autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other cooccurring neurodivergence. Her sons were diagnosed at the age of 4 and 8 inform her practice with their insight and shape her approach to connecting with others in similar situations.  

Qualifications and Membership
  • BPhil
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • MED-Autism Practitioner

  • Autism in children and young people

  • Children’s Autism Assessment  
  • Autism Workshops for patients and their families

Holistic Process

Harley Row Clinic follows a unique three-fold method that goes beyond symptom suppression, combining psychological intervention (therapy, counselling, coaching), medication when appropriate, and functional medicine (gut health, lifestyle, and nutrition) to focus on long-term, lasting results. 

The whole team recognises the importance of addressing the root cause of symptoms. They are committed to providing truly comprehensive and compassionate care.

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