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Coaching for Parents and Caregivers of Autistic Children

As a clinic that regularly works with children on the autism spectrum, we understand the experiences of parents and caregivers and the challenges they face. Many of the team have first-hand experience of ASD and are acutely aware of the joys, and worries, their patients, and their families face. We offer ASD Parent support in the form of coaching to assist families and their autistic children.

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Supporting the Support System through Coaching

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterised by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviours, speech and nonverbal communication.

Autism is called a "spectrum" disorder because there can be a wide variation in symptoms and abilities between autistic people, and it can [link to Children's ASD Service page] manifest differently at early age, or in teenagers, adults, and in boys or girls.

Autism is a lifelong neurological difference that can significantly impact communication, relationships and certain behaviours. With supportive interventions and acceptance of neurodiversity, autistic children and young people have tremendous potential to thrive.

How is ASD Parent and Carer coaching helpful?

Whether your child's autism is a new diagnosis, or it is an old one, we understand you must have a lot of emotions, apprehensions and even excitements about this next chapter. You might be facing judgement from other parents or other family members about your child's behaviour, or your parenting style.

It is important to note that autism is not a mental illness or disease and is not caused by emotional deprivation or 'bad' parenting. With early diagnosis, support and accommodations, autistic children, and later adults, can lead happy, healthy and independent lives.

At Harley Row Clinic, we offer ASD coaching sessions to support you to cultivate strengths in your child, wherever your family is on their journey - our coaching service focused specifically on you and your family's needs.

Our ASD parenting coaches provide information and work with you to understand your child's diagnosis. They will also give advice and provide tools to enhance your autistic child's positive behaviours in home and school environments.

It’s so important as a caregiver that you have support too. We can give you emotional support, help you identify sources of stress and strengthen your own coping strategies as a caregiver. This provides you with the knowledge, strength, tools and support to nurture your autistic child or young person.

Some key topics we can focus on together include:

· Using psycho-educational techniques to understand your child and their diagnosis

· Helping siblings and other children to understand autism

· Exploring strategies like visual schedules and social narratives to support learning

· Setting reasonable goals for your child and evaluating their progress

· Working as a team with a co-parent or partner to best support your autistic child

· Advocating for your child or young person and navigating school or healthcare systems

· Learning emotional regulation techniques to help you stay grounded when faced with challenging behaviours

· Extra support to take care of your marriage or relationships amidst the demands of caregiving

You are not alone. Every family has its challenges but there are always solutions too. Coaching sessions allow caregivers to process their experiences, understand the psychology behind their child's behaviours, and regain balance in their personal and family. We provide services that create a judgment-free space for you to be listened to and provided for.

Our Three-fold Approach

At Harley Row Clinic, mental health treatment takes a series of simultaneous paths – a three-fold approach: medication to treat symptoms, and a longer-term combination of psychological intervention and functional medicine.

ASD Coaching for parents and carers comes under the psychological intervention pathway. We encourage a threefold comprehensive treatment path for your child, considering both allopathic and naturopathic treatments alongside psychological intervention and medication, if it is deemed helpful.

Alongside psychological intervention, functional medicine seeks to identify the underlying cause of health issues, instead of just symptoms. The team at Harley Row Clinic use a range of diagnostic tools and assessments to explore genetic, biochemical, and environmental factors that may all contribute to a patient’s condition.

This unique three-principal method, which has been inspired by various schools of thought and experience, focuses on the whole body, and treating the root cause of a condition, not just the symptoms.

At Harley Row Clinic, we understand that relationship dynamics, communication and shared challenges all have a role to play in family wellbeing. We offer family support in the form of group counselling.

We also offer educational workshops, to give you more advice from other professionals. Please see our news page to keep up to date.

Our goal is to empower your family by building self-assurance, emotional intelligence, and meaningful bonds. We teach life-long skills to support healthy development.

What Are The Symptoms of

ASD Parent & Caregiver Coaching

Autism in younger children can appear as:

· Not responding to their name

· Avoiding eye contact

· Not smiling when you smile at them

· Getting very upset if they do not like a certain taste, smell or sound

· Repetitive movements, such as flapping their hands, flicking their fingers or rocking their body

· Not talking as much as other children

· Not doing as much pretend play

· Repeating the same phrases

Autism in older children can appear as:

· Not seeming to understand what others are thinking or feeling

· Unusual speech, such as repeating phrases and talking ‘at’ others

· Liking a strict daily routine and getting very upset if it changes

· Having a very keen interest in certain subjects or activities

· Getting very upset if you ask them to do something

· Finding it hard to make friends or preferring to be on their own

· Taking things very literally – for example, they may not understand phrases like "break a leg"

· Finding it hard to say how they feel

Autism can sometimes be different in girls and boys. Autistic girls may:

· Hide some signs of autism by copying how other children behave and play

· Withdraw in situations they find difficult

· Appear to cope better with social situations

· Show fewer signs of repetitive behaviours

This means autism can be harder to spot in girls.

What Are The Benefits of

ASD Parent & Caregiver Coaching

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