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Nutritional/Functional Medicine

Instead of just treating symptoms, functional medicine goes beyond conventional treatments addressing the underlying cause of health issues. The team at Harley Row Clinic use a range of diagnostic tools, treatments, and assessments to explore genetic, biochemical, and environmental factors that may all contribute to a patient’s condition, including investigating the role of these factors and the microbiome.

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Holistic ADHD Therapy

With Dr Pablo Jeczmien MD

The ethos of our ADHD clinic is to provide outstanding quality treatment in a relaxed and unrushed atmosphere, personalised to the individual's needs.

Combining over 30 years experience within our team, we provide effective holistic therapy that treats ADHD both medically and therapeutically. Viewing Psychiatry as an art that unites science and humanity to bring about positive change.

Whether you are looking for a Diagnosis or Treatment for ADHD, don't hesitate to get in touch. ​

(Please feel welcome to contact us to discuss any queries you may have. If you would like to enquire outside of these hours please email or request a call back and you will receive a reply at the earliest convenience.)

Picture of Dr Pablo Jeczmien.

About Nutrition and Functional Medicine

At Harley Row Clinic, we understand that our bodies and mind are connected in many ways that we intuitively already know; butterflies in our stomach when we are nervous, that ‘gut’ feeling when something isn’t quite right.

Our food is information for every single cell and tissue in our body and the brain is no exception. The process of digesting and absorbing our food is complex, meaning even if we are putting the right fuel in, it doesn’t always mean our brains can use it.

Our brains use electrical and chemical signals to communicate, and if the foundations of this chemical mix are lacking, this can alter how we feel. Our brains are also affected by the immune system, hormones and how well our gut can absorb food. Indeed, our bodies communicate 80% up to the brain and just 20% down from the brain to the body.

Significant progress has been achieved in the last decade to recognise the ways in which the gut microbiome (the microorganisms in your gut) relates to brain function and mental well-being. Key findings indicate that stress influences the composition of the gut microbiome. Several studies have shown that some people affected with various psychological disorders actually have different species of bacteria in the gut compared to the general population. When considering this, it is no surprise to see studies report that certain probiotics can improve symptoms of depression and other mental health problems.

New research in this area is influencing therapeutic practice – with this knowledge, practitioners can treat individuals in an integrative manner. In fact, a wealth of evidence now indicates that there are indissoluble links between the metabolic and immune systems and the gut, which is being increasingly recognised as an important factor connecting genes, environment, and the immune system.

Although more thorough research is certainly due in this field, current results support the statement that gut health is integral to physical health and is an influence on mental health. By working to create healthy habits you can create an inner sense of balance and wellness through dietary changes and supplements, and indeed the severity of symptoms from mental health conditions could subside.

For one example, research has shown that children with ADHD may have lower levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. These neurotransmitters help with memory, motivation, mood, and attention. By making changes to our nutrition and what we eat, it follows that we can support the gut to change the messages to the brain. If we can increase the amount of fibre, fruit, and vegetables in the diet, this will help the microbiome to diversify, improving gut health and brain health. This can help soothe ADHD symptoms and improve focus, mood, and memory.

At Harley Row Clinic, sessions take place online so there are no geographical restrictions. You will be sent an initial detailed health and symptom questionnaire. Then, together with one of our clinicians, you can choose your pathway.

There are many nutritional approaches we can use; this is about providing a bespoke plan of support to suit your individual needs – there are no set protocols attached to eating foods for any diagnosis.

It is worth noting that "healthy" is unique to each person's diet, and a one-size "balanced diet" does not fit all. For example, with nutrition for ADHD we are not seeking to cure ADHD but find ways that nutritional therapy can help a person to cope and feel better through different eating habits, focusing on certain foods, other nutrients and vitamins. It's important that we each find our own version of a healthy lifestyle and understand that nutritional therapy can help with the prevention and management of symptoms.

Indeed, some lifestyle modifications such as drinking water instead of energy drinks to focus on adequate hydration could improve overall well-being by regulating blood sugar and levelling out hormone imbalances.

We offer three different pathways for nutritional/functional treatment: an initial 90-minute nutrition assessment; a more in-depth consultation with a nutritional therapist and test combination, and finally a three-month food-for-the-mind programme.

Nutritional therapy falls under the functional medicine pathway. We encourage a threefold comprehensive treatment path considering both allopathic and naturopathic treatment – alongside psychological intervention and, if appropriate, medications.

Functional medicine practitioners treat the whole person in an integrative approach to mental health. This approach addresses the root causes of mental health issues.

This unique three-principle method, which has been inspired by various schools of thought and experience, focuses on the whole body, and treating the root cause of a condition, not just the symptoms.

The results of tending to the physical body through a functional medicine approach, alongside tending to your inner life through holistic counselling or psychotherapy (talk therapy) can have profound results — leading to greater feelings of positive mental wellbeing, self-knowledge and fulfilment.

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What Are The Benefits of

Nutritional/Functional Medicine


See what our clients have said about us:

I have found the sessions especially helpful in coming to terms with difficulties and recognising patterns of behaviour in myself. The sessions have helped me come to terms with my ADHD diagnosis and learn coping mechanisms for the future. The sessions have also encouraged me to reflect on the changes i have experienced in myself, previous too and during therapy which has been particularly beneficial.
- Verified patient
"Thank you for everything you do and for all your help and dedication this year. I really appreciate the work you do and the beautiful personality you each hold. Meeting you has been such a blessing and I truly appreciate the help and support I've received. I'd like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year."
- Verified patient
Simon gave encouragement, advice and empathy in equal measure. He was able to assist me in finding a clear road map at a crucial time in my working and personal lives, giving me not only the moral support, but the structure and the benefit of his financial sector expertise that enabled me to overcome a significant road block
- Verified patient
The clinic has been amazing all round. Extremely helpful and understanding and willing to take all the time I needed to answer my countless questions about the process for both myself and my son.
- Verified patient
It was very quick and helpful. Both the assistants and the doctor were fantastic. They were also very patients with all my requests.
- Verified patient
Dr. Jeczmien immediately put me at ease and made me confident to talk about ADHD and how it has affected me throughout the years. He is extremely knowledgeable and one who really digs in and is thorough in considering the individual experience. After my few sessions with him, I felt like I was at starting line and that I was enthusiastic about crossing it - understanding that my issues were treatable. Thank you.
- Verified patient
Absolutely IMPRESSED! The staff was fantastic and the best part…the doctor (Florence )…OUTSTANDING! Very compassionate and patient. Great experience and won’t go to any other place.
- Verified patient
Dr Jeczmien was comforting, kind and understanding of my circumstances, and I left the first session feeling listened to. I've spent 5 years going in circles through the mental health systems and had no luck until now. I've struggled to trust health professionals in the past but I'm confident I'm in safe hands and I'm so grateful for his help! Our sessions have allowed me to turn a chapter in my life so that I can take steps forward.
- Verified patient
Very efficient and easy to book and go through appointments. Nice and friendly staff.
- Verified patient
The team at Harley Row Clinic are ready to help 
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The clinic provides a place where you can support your mind and body to heal itself. Throughout the sessions we will address the underlying physical causes such as your microbiome/ microbiota and treat these with natural sources, enabling your body to regain its natural balance. Whilst also using a variety of therapies to address the psychological presentations in a relaxed and unrushed atmosphere.

London Clinic

10 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PF

Sussex Clinic

Riverside Practice, Riverview Business Park, Station Road, Forest Row, RH18 5FS


See what our clients have said about us:

"I took my 6 year old to see Florence 3 months ago because he was falling far behind with his reading and writing. He struggled to focus on anything he didn't like doing, such as reading, so I wasn't sure if he wasn't progressing because he simply wasn't practicing enough or if there was an underlying issue. I could see how tiring he found reading, and doing his homework would always turn into a battle. Within 2 weeks of following Florence's program, we started to notice an improvement in his attention span and so did his teacher. We're now 3 months in and are really turning a corner. His improved concentration means he can read an entire school book so is getting so much more practice. He went up a reading level last week and I wouldn't be surprised if he goes up again shortly because he's already reading the new level books well. His teacher said he's volunteering to read in class (something he would never have done before) and she told us, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it because it's working!". She's also interested in Florence's program after seeing such an improvement in our son in a short time. I can't recommend Florence highly enough. In an ideal world, every school would have a Florence."‍
- Verified patient
Absolutely IMPRESSED! The staff was fantastic and the best part…the doctor (Florence )…OUTSTANDING! Very compassionate and patient. Great experience and won’t go to any other place.
- Verified patient
I have been with this practice more than 6 months and my daughter has autism and was quite sensitive with high pitched voices but after using their music therapy and of course the food nutrition advice, it was quite manageable. My daughter manages the high pitched sounds easily without getting frustrated and scared plus her sleep schedule is getting better each day. Thanks to them and will encourage others to visit the clinic
- Verified patient

Frequently asked questions

Haven't found the answer you were looking for? Perhaps our FAQ's could help. If you're still needing help, please get in touch.

Does functional medicine include mindfulness and breathing exercises?  

No, it is only about addressing the microbiome, nutrients and your hormones.

Can this help with stress management?

Stress can be caused by different factors and life events. A nutritional therapy plan can help alleviate symptoms, and rule that your stress is not being augmented by your gut.

Will this help with sleep?

Functional medicine and nutritional therapy can address underlying factors of stress and sleep problems if you feel more tired than usual.

What is included in each service?

Option 1. A 90-min in-depth nutrition assessment:

This session will use functional medicine to review your symptoms and life history, food diary, medications, medical diagnosis, underlying imbalances in the body, food and lifestyle action steps and any need for supplements or testing.

A written health plan is produced with up to five actions to implement to support your long-term health goals. Hour-long follow-up consultations are available.

Option 2. Consultation and test combination

If you would like to delve deeper into the biochemical pathways and identify imbalances impacting the brain, this package provides insights into:

• Gut function

• Vitamin and mineral needs

• Energy and detoxification pathways

• Neurotransmitters such as dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin

• Toxin burden

• Omega 3/6 status and trans fats

Using a combination of:

• Organic acid test - dried urine sample

• Hair mineral test - hair sample

• Omega 3/6 ratio - finger prick blood spot

All sent conveniently for you to complete at home, and post to Regenerus Laboratories UK. Through these tests, we can obtain a detailed overview of your biochemistry to support brain function. The package is designed for online delivery to include:

• Functional review of health questionnaire and food diary

• 1-hour assessment consultation

• 1-hour test results and action plan

• 1-hour nutrition coaching review

This includes all tests arranged, interpreted, and actioned and a written health plan after each consultation. Sample reports can be provided on request.

Option 3. Food for the Mind

This three-month service provides greater support at implementing long-term change through increased contact hours; and is long enough to notice the positive impact on changing biochemistry and behaviours.

The programme consists of:

• Functional review of health questionnaire and food diary

• 5 x 1-hour online consultations, usually 2-3 weeks apart

• 5 x written health plans after each consultation

• Recommendations for testing and supplementation (on a case-by-case basis)

• 10% discount on recommended supplements

Any testing and supplements ordered are not included in the package price and will incur an extra charge.

Request a callback from one of our clinical experts

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