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Truly Holistic Assessment and Treatment for Autism

According to the National Autistic Society, more than 1 in 100 people are on the autism spectrum. Autism is a spectrum condition and affects all autistic people uniquely. We understand that autistic brains work in a different way, affecting how people communicate, interact with the world around them and experience life. Many undiagnosed autistic people feel they are different, and diagnosis can be an overdue validation. An autism assessment can create self-knowledge, acceptance, inner peace and finally a path forward.

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Holistic ADHD Therapy

With Dr Pablo Jeczmien MD

The ethos of our ADHD clinic is to provide outstanding quality treatment in a relaxed and unrushed atmosphere, personalised to the individual's needs.

Combining over 30 years experience within our team, we provide effective holistic therapy that treats ADHD both medically and therapeutically. Viewing Psychiatry as an art that unites science and humanity to bring about positive change.

Whether you are looking for a Diagnosis or Treatment for ADHD, don't hesitate to get in touch. ​

(Please feel welcome to contact us to discuss any queries you may have. If you would like to enquire outside of these hours please email or request a call back and you will receive a reply at the earliest convenience.)

Picture of Dr Pablo Jeczmien.

Diagnosing Autism at Harley Row Clinic

Adulthood can be challenging, but this can be especially so for an autistic adult. Living independently, and managing time, money, work and children is tiring enough for a neurotypical person. For someone diagnosed with autism, this is heightened by the constant waves of sound information, interaction, and visual stimulation that permeate daily existence. It can be exhausting, confusing and anxiety-inducing to balance these, and we are here to help you find the right support for you.

If this is something you're experiencing, having a talk to a healthcare professional who understands can make a world of difference. Many of our team have first-hand experience with autism and are acutely aware of the challenges their patients and their family members face.

When it comes to diagnosing autism, adult assessments are done in two phases and by multiple clinicians to ensure a thorough and comprehensive assessment.

Our autism test services begin with several questionnaires when you book. This must be completed a minimum of one week before your appointment. Several of these questionnaires are self-report questionnaires; however, you will also need to identify people who have known you well for a minimum of two years to complete an informant report. You will also need to identify someone who knew you well as a child (birth to approximately age 5) to complete the early development feedback.

These first questionnaires are an essential part of your diagnostic process, because autism is a lifelong condition and there is usually evidence in early childhood. However, autism can manifest differently in adults, adolescents and children.

Test assessments are carried out with a mental health professional from our team They can be carried out virtually, or face-to-face at Harley Row Clinic in London, Sussex or Surrey. Virtual assessments are carried out over two appointments, one week apart. Face-to-face assessments last up to three hours and combine the first and second virtual appointments.

The first appointment lasts about an hour and covers background information. We will collect information on your education, employment, family history and reasons for choosing to have an assessment.

The second appointment is longer, around 1-2 hours. In this appointment, we explore the difficulties and differences regarding autism. In addition, we will review the initial questionnaires you provided. Usually, you will be told the outcome of your formal assessment at the end of the second appointment.

After your last assessment, you will receive your report within three weeks via email and we will send hard copies to you and your GP. The report will clearly explain the outcome of your autism assessment, as well as information you have provided at the time of assessment in relation to each criterion of the diagnostic interview. We will also make recommendations about support and services on offer and discuss any concerns you may have.

In line with NICE guidance, your assessment and report will be discussed with Dr Pablo Jeczmien, Consultant Psychiatrist, and he will countersign your report alongside our other professionals.

After your results, treatment takes a series of simultaneous paths – a three-fold approach: medication to treat symptoms, and a longer-term combination of psychological intervention and functional medicine.

Many mental health conditions have a biological basis, and psychiatric medications can fulfil a key role in providing relief from symptoms. By treating symptoms, individuals can function

better in their daily and professional lives and stabilize their mood, all of which makes it easier for them to engage in their treatment.

At Harley Row Clinic, psychological intervention plays a crucial role. The practice uses a range of therapeutic approaches and techniques, including counselling, coaching specific to autism and mindfulness training to improve mental health and enhance well-being.

Finally, functional medicine seeks to identify the underlying cause of health issues. Treatment plans are carefully devised and highly individualised and usually include a combination of dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, alternative therapies, lifestyle changes and stress management techniques. We have a multi-disciplinary team who can provide a bespoke treatment plan and support tailored to you.

It is never a matter of making someone "less autistic" -- but finding a comprehensive treatment that fosters your autonomy. At Harley Row Clinic, we can facilitate a process where you can feel validated in your formal diagnosis, have less anxiety, understand yourself better and move forward in your life with the support and techniques to thrive as an autistic person.

What Are The Symptoms of



Signs of autism in adults include:

· Finding it hard to understand what others are thinking or feeling

· Getting anxious in social situations

· Finding it hard to make friends or preferring to be on your own

· Seeming blunt, rude or not interested in others without meaning to

· Finding it hard to say how you feel

· Taking things very literally – for example, you may not understand sarcasm or idioms

· Having the same routine every day and getting anxious if it changes

You may also have other signs, like:

· Not understanding social "rules", such as not talking over people

· Avoiding eye contact

· Getting too close to other people, or getting very upset if someone touches or gets too close to you

· Noticing small details, patterns, smells or sounds that others do not

· Having a very keen interest in certain subjects or activities

· Liking to plan things carefully before doing them

Autism can sometimes be different in women and men.

Autistic women may:

· have learned to mask signs of autism to ‘fit in’ - by copying people who don’t have autism

· be quieter and hide their feelings

· appear to cope better with social situations

· show fewer signs of repetitive behaviours

This means it can be harder to tell you're autistic if you're a woman. The National Autistic Society have more research and information about autistic women and girls.

What Are The Benefits of



See what our clients have said about us:

I have found the sessions especially helpful in coming to terms with difficulties and recognising patterns of behaviour in myself. The sessions have helped me come to terms with my ADHD diagnosis and learn coping mechanisms for the future. The sessions have also encouraged me to reflect on the changes i have experienced in myself, previous too and during therapy which has been particularly beneficial.
- Verified patient
"Thank you for everything you do and for all your help and dedication this year. I really appreciate the work you do and the beautiful personality you each hold. Meeting you has been such a blessing and I truly appreciate the help and support I've received. I'd like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year."
- Verified patient
Simon gave encouragement, advice and empathy in equal measure. He was able to assist me in finding a clear road map at a crucial time in my working and personal lives, giving me not only the moral support, but the structure and the benefit of his financial sector expertise that enabled me to overcome a significant road block
- Verified patient
The clinic has been amazing all round. Extremely helpful and understanding and willing to take all the time I needed to answer my countless questions about the process for both myself and my son.
- Verified patient
It was very quick and helpful. Both the assistants and the doctor were fantastic. They were also very patients with all my requests.
- Verified patient
Dr. Jeczmien immediately put me at ease and made me confident to talk about ADHD and how it has affected me throughout the years. He is extremely knowledgeable and one who really digs in and is thorough in considering the individual experience. After my few sessions with him, I felt like I was at starting line and that I was enthusiastic about crossing it - understanding that my issues were treatable. Thank you.
- Verified patient
Absolutely IMPRESSED! The staff was fantastic and the best part…the doctor (Florence )…OUTSTANDING! Very compassionate and patient. Great experience and won’t go to any other place.
- Verified patient
Dr Jeczmien was comforting, kind and understanding of my circumstances, and I left the first session feeling listened to. I've spent 5 years going in circles through the mental health systems and had no luck until now. I've struggled to trust health professionals in the past but I'm confident I'm in safe hands and I'm so grateful for his help! Our sessions have allowed me to turn a chapter in my life so that I can take steps forward.
- Verified patient
Very efficient and easy to book and go through appointments. Nice and friendly staff.
- Verified patient
The team at Harley Row Clinic are ready to help 
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The clinic provides a place where you can support your mind and body to heal itself. Throughout the sessions we will address the underlying physical causes such as your microbiome/ microbiota and treat these with natural sources, enabling your body to regain its natural balance. Whilst also using a variety of therapies to address the psychological presentations in a relaxed and unrushed atmosphere.

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See what our clients have said about us:

I have been with this practice more than 6 months and my daughter has autism and was quite sensitive with high pitched voices but after using their music therapy and of course the food nutrition advice, it was quite manageable. My daughter manages the high pitched sounds easily without getting frustrated and scared plus her sleep schedule is getting better each day. Thanks to them and will encourage others to visit the clinic
- Verified patient

Frequently asked questions

Haven't found the answer you were looking for? Perhaps our FAQ's could help. If you're still needing help, please get in touch.

Can I be referred to my GP?

Your diagnostic report will be sent to your GP. After you have received your diagnostic report, you can continue your treatment with us, or with another service.

Is this service appropriate for children and young people?

Please see our children's autism assessment service.

Do you offer speech and language therapy?

We do not unfortunately, but our team can recommend services for you or family members.

What if I don't receive an autism diagnosis?

There are three possible outcomes to an assessment at Harley Row Clinic: ‘ASD diagnosis’, ‘no diagnosis’ or ‘further assessment is required’.

At times we may recommend further assessment for other neurodevelopmental conditions. For example, there is a big overlap between autism and ADHD, and both may be present in up to 60% of cases. We will provide you with information about how to pursue further assessment.  

Who will carry out the assessment?

We have a team of professsionals who can carry out the autism assessment. Please see our Team page for more details.

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