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Therapies for Children and Young People

At Harley Row Clinic, we offer a range of therapeutic services to support children's development, wellbeing, and mental health needs. From counselling to movement therapies, to parent coaching - we have a variety of evidence-based options to help your child thrive.

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Holistic Therapies as Part of a Comprehensive Treatment

At Harley Row Clinic, psychological intervention plays a crucial role in promoting mental health. The practice uses a range of therapeutic approaches and techniques to improve mental health and enhance wellbeing. As well as psychological therapies, we encourage Functional Medicine therapies, to ensure a holistic and effective treatment.

Coaching for Autism and ADHD

For children diagnosed with ASD or ADHD, specialised coaching can help them to understand their diagnoses and learn essential life, organisation, and social skills. Our compassionate coaches can work with families (for younger children) or work one-on-one (for older children). Our coaches will offer emotional support and teach your child to set achievable goals and implement structure thus improving focus and boosting their self-confidence.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Our licensed [link to service page] counsellors and psychotherapists offers therapy for children and provide a safe space for them to process emotions and make sense of challenging life events. Through talk therapy, we can help your children make sense of anxiety, depression, anger issues, grief, and more. We have a range of clinicians educated in different modalities, and we can help you find the right therapist for your child's needs.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Mindfulness practises teach children to calm their minds and manage stress. We use age-appropriate mindfulness practises combined with traditional cognitive behaviour therapy to help children be present, be aware of their thoughts, and have the tools to fall into negative emotions and negative thought patterns that can exacerbate emotional distress. Our [link] children's MBCT service can improve skills and suggest practical strategies to improve emotion regulation and resiliency, making a profound impact on your child's life.

Neurodevelopmental Therapy

[Link] Neurodevelopmental therapy can help children who struggle with coordination, reading, focusing, spelling, following instructions, and other learning or developmental challenges. It is a holistic treatment that stimulates the nervous system through physical movement exercises and sound therapy. These modalities enhance brain plasticity, communication between regions of the brain, concentration, language processing, and integration of sensory information.

Sound and Movement Therapy

[link] Sound and Movement Therapy can help treat learning difficulties as well as help your child to safely release emotions and energy. Physical exercises and creative movement enhance brain plasticity, processing, and integration of sensory information. Sound therapy can activate language centres for better concentration, listening, reading, spelling, and speech resulting in improved communication skills.

Coaching for Parents and Caregivers of Autistic Children

At Harley Row Clinic, we understand that raising an autistic child with unique rewards and challenges. Our specialists provide parents and caregivers with individualised guidance to understand their child's diagnosis, understand how best to support their unique brain, and tend to their own well-being as a caregiver. Many parents have a lot of questions after they learn of their child's diagnosis, and we can help.

Nutritional Therapy

Diet impacts more than just physical health - there is evidence that shows it influences brain function, mood, sleep, focus, learning, and behaviour. Our [link] nutritional therapists can assess your child's nutritional needs to offer custom dietary plans that support healthy development and work for your family.

How do these fit in with my child's treatment?

Harley Row Clinic’s approach to treatment goes beyond symptom suppression, combining psychological intervention (therapy, counselling, coaching), medication, and functional medicine (gut health, lifestyle, and nutrition) to focus on long-term, lasting results.

Every young patient benefits from the collective minds of the practice’s clinicians, to ensure they are carefully matched to the right specialist for their care. We have a collaborative team that can encapsulate all elements of your child's treatment pathway. This eliminates the consuming process of communication between individual facilities, departments and providers, ensuring the highest possible standard of confidential care.

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