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At Harley Row Clinic, we are proud to offer a range of therapies and modalities all under one roof. We are here to help you make the choice as simple as possible and create a collaborative treatment plan that works for you.

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Holistic ADHD Therapy

With Dr Pablo Jeczmien MD

The ethos of our ADHD clinic is to provide outstanding quality treatment in a relaxed and unrushed atmosphere, personalised to the individual's needs.

Combining over 30 years experience within our team, we provide effective holistic therapy that treats ADHD both medically and therapeutically. Viewing Psychiatry as an art that unites science and humanity to bring about positive change.

Whether you are looking for a Diagnosis or Treatment for ADHD, don't hesitate to get in touch. ​

(Please feel welcome to contact us to discuss any queries you may have. If you would like to enquire outside of these hours please email or request a call back and you will receive a reply at the earliest convenience.)

Picture of Dr Pablo Jeczmien.

Holistic Therapies as part of a Comprehensive Treatment

At Harley Row Clinic, psychological intervention plays a crucial role in promoting mental health. The practice uses a range of therapeutic approaches and techniques to improve mental health and enhance well-being. 

Every patient will be seen in clinic to set their specific goals, interventions, and strategies, and address their unique needs, and moving forward treatments can take place virtually or face-to-face, depending on your treatment plan. The ethos of our practice is to provide the highest quality of care, in a relaxed, unrushed atmosphere, personalised to each patient’s needs.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

[Link] Counselling and psychotherapy, sometimes called talking therapy, are umbrella terms that cover different types of talking therapies.

There are many benefits to booking private talking therapy with a therapist or counsellor. Harley Row Clinic’s counsellors and psychotherapists are trained professionals who can work together with you to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, make sense of your world, and help you manage and resolve emotional distress through exploring your feelings and thoughts, ultimately improving your quality of life in the process.

Therapists can be trained in various methods, therapies or ‘modalities,’ and they may practise in a variety of ways with patients. Harley Row Clinic is constantly expanding and has over 13 clinicians, each brought into the team because of their unique specialities and disciplines. We can help you find the right therapist and the right therapy for you. We have trained professional clinicians who have expertise in a variety of psychological treatments and therapies:

  • Compassionate Inquiry, an integrated therapeutic approach
  • Humanistic/Person-centred Psychotherapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Anthroposophical Psychotherapy
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy 
  • Play and creative arts therapy.
  • Trauma-Informed Psychotherapeutic Counselling
  • Somatic-based Expressive Therapy
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology Informed Counselling
  • Polyvagal informed Counselling

We can make recommendations, and help you find the right therapist, and individual therapy tailored to your individual needs. You will get the most effective outcomes from therapy sessions if you are open and honest with your therapist and express how you truly feel.

Couple, Family and Group Counselling

When you attend group therapy, having the support of other group members going through the same experiences as you in a group therapy setting can make a world of difference.

As relationship dynamics, communication and shared challenges all have a role to play, the Harley Row Clinic team also delivers couple, family and group counselling, a variety of educational workshops, and provides coaching for parents and families of young patients. 

Coaching can help family members fully understand their child’s diagnosis and equip them with techniques to help their child thrive.

Mindfulness Training, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

[Link] Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, also known as mindfulness CBT, is a therapy that combines traditional cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) with mindfulness. When combined with CBT, the increased awareness gained from mindfulness-based approaches is used to change our thought processes and inform our choice-making, liberating us of old and limiting mental habits. It can help with depression and anxiety, and other mental health troubles.  

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a treatment which supports the identification of negative thoughts and limiting patterns of behaviour – supporting progression towards healthier habits. Mindfulness is the practice of training attention and awareness, in an attitude of self-acceptance and compassion. 

Neurofeedback therapy

Neurofeedback therapy is an approach that teaches you the way your brain functions. Guided sessions involve using non-invasive monitoring equipment to monitor your brain’s activity. Our qualified practitioner can help you understand your triggers and suggest ways to consciously improve your body’s unconscious state through somatic calming exercises. Neurofeedback can help with a range of conditions including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It can be a helpful companion to psychological interventions like mindfulness training or psychotherapy. 

Brainspotting therapy

Brainspotting is an alternative therapy approach that accesses trauma stored in the body through using spots in a patient’s visual field. Sessions involve finding ‘brain spots’ where your eyes naturally focus when you feel the most physical discomfort. Our trained practitioner will accompany you on this journey, and help you to find a different perspective on your trauma. Brainspotting helps move your body, and mind, out of a ‘stuck’ feeling, and can help with anxiety, attachment issues, PTSD, chronic pain and addiction.  

Coaching for ADHD and autism

The [link] coaching provision we offer at Harley Row Clinic is part of a truly holistic treatment path, founded on the belief that a multidisciplinary approach is the most effective method to help you successfully manage your ADHD or autism symptoms. 

Our holistic coaching service empowers you tend to your inner life and to confidently navigate the world.

Therapy facilitates emotional healing, personal growth and enhanced levels of mental health and well-being. Coaching addresses challenges, leading to the creation of solutions, action and change.

Harley Row Clinic’s coaching combines both therapy and coaching for the most effective treatment. Our clinicians use psychoeducational principles to arm you with a deep understanding of your diagnosis.

This helps you understand why your brain works in certain ways, and how best to utilise it. Our coaching centres you, and we see neurodiversity as part of the rich fabric of life, not as a defect.

Life Coaching

At Harley Row Clinic, we believe you are the expert in your own life. The goal of our Life Coaching service, led by [link to bio] Simon Walter, is not to keep you dependent on sessions, but to empower you to become self-sufficient. The essence of coaching lies in guiding individuals towards personal growth, resilience, and the ability to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and autonomy.

Simon uses a transparent approach that focuses on fostering long-term growth. The sessions can include collaborative goal setting, by identifying aspirations, defining achievable objectives and creating a roadmap for success. Simon can share resources that facilitate your ongoing development such as books, articles, podcasts, or workshops.

Regular assessments allow us to measure your growth and identify areas of improvement. It is important to celebrate successes as acknowledging your achievements, both big and small, can cultivate confidence and self-belief.

Where does this fit in with my treatment?

Harley Row Clinic’s approach to treatment goes beyond symptom suppression, combining psychological intervention (therapy, counselling, coaching), medication, and functional medicine (gut health, lifestyle, and nutrition) to focus on long-term, lasting results.  

Every patient benefits from the collective minds of the practice’s clinicians, to ensure they are carefully matched to the right specialist for their care. We have a collaborative team that can encapsulate all elements of your treatment pathway. This eliminates the consuming process of communication between individual facilities, departments and providers, ensuring the highest possible standard of confidential care.

Here at the practice, we are very pleased to offer such a facility in which interventions intersect perfectly – to provide you with the life-sustained skills to achieve your innate potential, all under one roof.

Our three-fold, truly holistic approach can make a profound difference in your life. The combination of medication, if appropriate, to manage symptoms; and addressing underlying causes through functional medicine and psychological intervention in the form of therapy focuses on long-term, lasting results.  

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See what our clients have said about us:

I have found the sessions especially helpful in coming to terms with difficulties and recognising patterns of behaviour in myself. The sessions have helped me come to terms with my ADHD diagnosis and learn coping mechanisms for the future. The sessions have also encouraged me to reflect on the changes i have experienced in myself, previous too and during therapy which has been particularly beneficial.
- Verified patient
"Thank you for everything you do and for all your help and dedication this year. I really appreciate the work you do and the beautiful personality you each hold. Meeting you has been such a blessing and I truly appreciate the help and support I've received. I'd like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year."
- Verified patient
Simon gave encouragement, advice and empathy in equal measure. He was able to assist me in finding a clear road map at a crucial time in my working and personal lives, giving me not only the moral support, but the structure and the benefit of his financial sector expertise that enabled me to overcome a significant road block
- Verified patient
The clinic has been amazing all round. Extremely helpful and understanding and willing to take all the time I needed to answer my countless questions about the process for both myself and my son.
- Verified patient
It was very quick and helpful. Both the assistants and the doctor were fantastic. They were also very patients with all my requests.
- Verified patient
Dr. Jeczmien immediately put me at ease and made me confident to talk about ADHD and how it has affected me throughout the years. He is extremely knowledgeable and one who really digs in and is thorough in considering the individual experience. After my few sessions with him, I felt like I was at starting line and that I was enthusiastic about crossing it - understanding that my issues were treatable. Thank you.
- Verified patient
Absolutely IMPRESSED! The staff was fantastic and the best part…the doctor (Florence )…OUTSTANDING! Very compassionate and patient. Great experience and won’t go to any other place.
- Verified patient
Dr Jeczmien was comforting, kind and understanding of my circumstances, and I left the first session feeling listened to. I've spent 5 years going in circles through the mental health systems and had no luck until now. I've struggled to trust health professionals in the past but I'm confident I'm in safe hands and I'm so grateful for his help! Our sessions have allowed me to turn a chapter in my life so that I can take steps forward.
- Verified patient
Very efficient and easy to book and go through appointments. Nice and friendly staff.
- Verified patient
The team at Harley Row Clinic are ready to help 
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The clinic provides a place where you can support your mind and body to heal itself. Throughout the sessions we will address the underlying physical causes such as your microbiome/ microbiota and treat these with natural sources, enabling your body to regain its natural balance. Whilst also using a variety of therapies to address the psychological presentations in a relaxed and unrushed atmosphere.

London Clinic

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See what our clients have said about us:

Very efficient and easy to book and go through appointments. Nice and friendly staff.
- Verified patient

Frequently asked questions

Haven't found the answer you were looking for? Perhaps our FAQ's could help. If you're still needing help, please get in touch.

Do you offer therapy for young people?

Yes, we have designated services for children and young people.

Can you offer family therapy?    

Yes, we offer family therapy if needed. We also offer specific support for parents and caregivers of autistic individuals, as one-off workshops for families. Please see out News page for upcoming workshop dates.

What can therapy help with?

Different therapies can help for different issues. We have therapies for diagnoses: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, personality disorder, panic disorder and autism. Indeed – any diagnosis, emotional difficulties or relationship difficulties you are experiencing. For a full list, see our counselling and psychotherapy page.

Which therapies are face-to-face and which are virtual?    

All of our therapists could meet face-to-face at our clinics in London, Sussex or Surrey, or virtually. It depends on your personal preference and recommended treatment plan.

Which therapy is right for me?

It can feel overwhelming to choose the right therapy for you. At Harley Row Clinic, designing treatment plans is collaborative and one of our mental health specialists can help you make the right choice for you.  

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