Dr Monica Sookdeo Ramnath

MBChB MSc Psych Speciality Doctor, Psychiatry

Dr Monica Sookdeo Ramnath became aware of the power of psychiatry in her early career during medical school. She appreciated that psychiatry gave opportunity see beyond initial signs and symptoms of a patient and gain a greater understanding of the person behind them. She the first few years of her career working in Accident and Emergency where she felt bereft of meaningful doctor-patient relationships, and always remembered the satisfaction she felt working closely with others. Subsequently, she realigned herself with psychiatry in 2003 and has felt fulfilled ever since.

Dr Monica Sookdeo Ramnath has always worked holistically, formulating treatment plans informed by the biopsychosocial aspects of a case—meaning understanding that a person’s medical condition is not simply formed by the biological factors, but also psychological and social factors.

Dr Monica Sookdeo Ramnath

She has worked with patients with a range of conditions including psychosis, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. In addition, she’s worked in Rehabilitation Psychiatry and Liaison Psychiatry. Since 2017, she has specialised in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and eating disorders.  

Currently, Dr Monica Sookdeo Ramnath works as a Specialty Doctor in General Adult Psychiatry which she has been dedicated to since 2003. She obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) in 1999 and a Master of Science (MSc) in Psychiatry in 2016. She has worked with Dr Pablo Jeczmien for well over a decade and they share the same ethos of comprehensive assessments and the team’s three-fold approach to patient care.

Qualifications and Memberships 
  • General Medical Council (GMC) 
  • Medical Protection Society 
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists; Affilate (MRCPsych) 
  • British Medical Association (BMA) 

  • ADHD and co-morbid substance misuse 
  • Psychosis 
  • Mood disorders 
  • Eating disorders 
  • Personality disorders 
  • Anxiety disorders 
  • ADHD assessment
  • Psychiatric assessment

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Holistic Process

Harley Row Clinic follows a unique three-fold method that goes beyond symptom suppression, combining psychological intervention (therapy, counselling, coaching), medication when appropriate, and functional medicine (gut health, lifestyle, and nutrition) to focus on long-term, lasting results. 

The whole team recognises the importance of addressing the root cause of symptoms. They are committed to providing truly comprehensive and compassionate care.

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